Polyurethane Linings and Coatings:

ASTM D16 Type V Rigid Polyurethanes is fast becoming the lining and coating of choice worldwide. Rigid Polyurethanes are tested to the most stringent international methods for performance, durability and corrosion protection.

Africa Pipe Industries apply polyurethane linings and coatings with the best German engineered equipment to ensure the finished product is applied within ratio tolerances. The attention to detail and very strict quality control procedures ensure consistent, high quality finished products when it comes to polyurethanes. Africa Pipe Industries invested heavily into application R&D that led to a world class application setup capable of delivering the best finished products. This is all done in a specially designed spray booth that controls application temperatures and atmospheric conditions.


The successes we achieved with polyurethanes made it our flagship product. To minimise the impact on the environment only 100% solvent free, chemically cured, rigid polyurethanes with international track records are applied in our plant and is backed by performance guarantees from international suppliers. Field joint reinstatement can be done with the same polyurethane as the mainline systems.


Polyurethanes with fast setting times, excellent surface wetting abilities and good flow characteristics is the key to improved production times whilst delivering finished products with very good adhesion and impact resistand properties. Although polyurethanes are referred to as “rigid”, the elasticity of the product is very good. This aids during pipe installation. Polyurethanes offer excellent protection against fungal and bacterial growth and reduced total weight of pipes. Water flow properties reduces pumping costs and energy consumption. It offers very good corrosion protection and can be used with or without cathodic protection.


Africa Pipe Industries will assist their customers with choosing the right polyurethane technology for every project.



Curing is 90 seconds and this allows the product to flow into the previously applied layer resulting in a uniform layer – no “layering”. This is referred to as wet-on-wet application.


This refers to the wetting of the steel substrate. The slower curing results in very good flow properties and 100% wetting of the blasted substrate. Bumping and rough handling does not cause any shattering of this polyurethane.



Rigid Polyurethane satisfies all the requirements of rigid polyurethanes, whilst retaining some degree of elasticity. This causes the product to take rough handling and bumping during site installation.


Rigid Polyurethane is ideal for field as it can be hand applied at a fraction of the cost and due to its delayed curing.


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