Epoxy Linings:


Epoxy linings have a long and reliable track record making it one of the preferred internal linings on medium to large diameters pipes. Africa Pipe Industries uses only world-class two component, solvent free, hot applied epoxy linings with verifiable track records, from international suppliers, offering class leading guarantees.  


Africa Pipe Industries apply epoxy linings with state of the art equipment, in a specially designed spray booth and only use 100% solvent free epoxies to reduce the impact on the environment.


Epoxy linings remain one of the most cost-effective lining options, offering excellent protection against fungal and bacterial growth and reduced total weight of pipes. Water flow properties reduces pumping costs and energy consumption. It offers very good corrosion protection and can be used with or without cathodic protection.


Internal field joint reinstatement is done with the same epoxy material as the mainline epoxy lining.


Africa Pipe Industries will assist their customers with choosing the right epoxy technology for every project.


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