Bitumen based coatings have been used as a protective sealant for hundreds of years and the system is still widely used today. 

The system is based on a high-quality bitumen modified by special polymer additives which gives the enamel its exceptional flexibility, adhesion and impact resistance

Bituguard is a complete system developed, consisting of a primer, enamel and outer wrap. The Primer is used in pipe coatings as an adhesive layer between the cleaned steel and the Bitumen Enamel coating. The enamel is based on a specially selected bitumen, modified with high performance engineering polymers. This polymer modification ensures good flexibility, adhesion and durability. It is supplied in several types/grades, depending on the varying requirements for corrosion protection materials for pipelines. The outer wrap is semi-woven glass fibre reinforced fabric impregnated with a polymer-modified bitumen. It is impregnated to ensure optimum protection of the fibres. The impregnation is performed so that “bleed-through” is controlled during the pipe coating process. The product is manufactured to an exact degree of porosity which promotes effective adhesion between the outer wrap and enamel. The outer wrap comprises a laminate of strong glass fabric bonded to a light glass/polyester tissue. The yarn fabric comprises both longitudinally and transverse reinforcing threads.


Field joint reinstatement can be done with the specially designed field joint membrane system.


Africa Pipe Industries will assist their customers with choosing the right Bituguard technology for every project.



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