The ultra-modern pipe mill uses the helical formed double submerged arc-welding process. The hot-rolled steel strip passes an edge-milling unit where the plate is milled to the required width and the edges prepared for the welding process.

The plate then passes through an edge pre-form section where the edges are formed to ensure an accurate edge alignment and pipe shape. The pipe is helically formed with an orbital moving 3 roll bank of accurately shaped rollers that ensures a softer forming process.

Four electronically controlled welding heads perform welding inside out simultaneously to create a weld seam much stronger than the parent metal. The weld seam tracking and weld gap are controlled by electronic technology and ensures weld positioning and on seam welding.

Flux is baked with a unique flux drying oven which separates the flux from the heating elements and ensures constant drying of each particle without oxidizing the flux.

The pipe is cut to length using a plasma cut-off system and the weld is allowed to cool under atmospheric conditions.

Cutting of weld macros is next activity after the pipe has cooled off.

The pipe goes through several visual inspection activities thereafter.

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